Chairman’s Message

May 15, 2016

Sri Palutla Yadaiah Gupta
Dhanvanthri College of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Chanakya Educational Society is formed with a group of dynamic and experienced educationists and Professionals who have got zeal to promote ethical based education for the betterment of the society with certain unyielding principles. Our vision is to impart education, is conducive ambience, as comprehensive as possible with support of all the modern technologies. We shoulder, the responsibility of shaping every student as goal oriented, committed, intellectual citizens, as the students are the architects to develop a humanized harmonious society.
Having had such phenomenal success in growing the institution from a small unknown college in to an institution of prestige and recognition at national level, we have now set our vision towards making it an institution of international recognition by setting up connections with research scientists abroad to carry out Drug research and drug safety protocols.