May 15, 2016
  • Department of Pharmaceutics
  • Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis


M.Pharmacy  Eligibility:

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Department of Pharmaceutics (2 Years)

Department of Pharmaceutics


Pharmaceutics is the branch of Pharma studies that deals with manufacturing of bulk drugs and the other is formulations related. Manufacturing of bulk drugs can be done by chemistry students but none can carry formulation development except a M.pharm. U can’t take a bulk drug as it is a chemical bulk unless u make a formulation with standard formula.  So Formulation industry cannot exist without the presence of a pharmaceutics person..

Career Prospects

After M.Pharm in Pharmacy students are hired to work as project assistants at research institute or research fellows. Here they are required to assist and work on a particular project this makes them gain experience and move ahead in research field.

In corporate sector students with higher capabilities are selected for deserving positions e.g. Cadila, Glenmark, Dr.Reddy’s Lab, Cipla and more .

  • NDDA (new drugs development and Application): Big Indian companies are now concentrating on NDDA (new drugs development and Application). You have to handle projects. Drug controlling authorities worldwide are very strict regarding:
  • Quality, efficacy, and safety of newly developed drug
  • Bio-equivalency to the already existing products
  • Pharmacokinetics is the formulation related study and there is a good scope in this area. Pharmacokinetic parameters are determined in compartmental modeling. These are generally carried out for new drugs dosage forms. You can develop interest in this area.  But not many companies do this. It is difficult to find jobs in this area. if you can find a job in it, growth will be good.
  • Novel Drug Delivery systems (NDDS): Formulation of new novel drug delivery systems .
  • Drug regulatory affairs and Intellectual property rights are the other scopes in it. Drug regulatory affairs is filing of approvals for drugs export to other countries.  Intellectual property rights  deal with patenting the inventions either related to process or product.
  • A Pharmaceutics person can also enter into other departments like production and quality assurance.  Your signatory power is valuable there.  With the Degree in hand you can easily enter into these areas. Use it as your starting point, believe me, your graph will never be downward.
  • Production: Large rate of vacancies are appearing in pharma industries for production. All the big firms invite suitable skill pharma individual in manufacturing units. Initial pay is less around 15000-20000 per month but later it show faster growth rate than any other line. Manufacture of pharmaceuticals involve all the drugs in different dosage forms and cosmetics.
  • Clinical research: They can work as CP. Clinical programmer is required to coordinate and monitor the tasks in the laboratories, implementing data management plans designed to meet project and protocol deadlines, and consults in the design and development of clinical trials, protocols, and case report forms, analyzes and evaluation of clinical data, recognizes inconsistencies, and initiates the resolution of data problems.
  • Scientists: Pharma graduates can absorb as scientist in R&D and F&D. It is field of innovation where talented people in pharmacy working as scientist. Numerous researches are going on in India though compare to less than US and other British industries. Most of the candidates from M.Pharm are selected because they are greater in skills and have application of knowledge.
  • Quality control: They have to develop, apply, revise, and maintain quality standards for processing materials into partially finished or finished products. Helps in designing and implementing methods and procedures for inspecting, testing, and evaluating the precision and accuracy of products and prepares documentation for inspection testing procedures.
  • Professor: Post graduates in pharmacy are most welcomed in this field. They are paid up to 25000 in good institutions. They can work as professor. It is very trustworthy position where you have to build up skills in newcomers in pharmacy. They have to give complete information of practicals and theory to students and developed encyclopedia between students.



Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis (2 Years)


Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis


Pharmaceutical Analysis is the branch of study of Analytical Methods used to determination the quality and quantity of the pharmaceutical products.

Career Prospects

  • Quality Assurance
  • Quality Audit
  • Quality control
  • R&D
  • Scientist
  • Academics